Looking for specific uses of Helvetica (besides logos)

I know that Helvetica is used for many logos and other things in the world.
What specific uses do you know besides for logos. I know things such as the nutritional facts,MTA signs and the USPS signs.


Thank you for trying to help. The other thread talks about the history of helvetica and it compared to other fonts. The wikipidia link I have seen and it gives great examples of logos and a couple other uses which I have already mentioned.

I have seen the Helvetica movie twice and will try to watch it again now to see the examples they show.

I want non-logo uses of helvetica.

Everywhere! Just walk around the city and look around you. Helevtica is on book spines, on the signs in the subway (here in Stockholm), it's guaranteed to turn up at least once in every magazine. :)

I'm almost certain that all of the editorial content in some magazines was set in Helvetica.

Thank you everyone for trying to help. I am really looking for specific examples and yes I am doing research myself.

I know that helvetica is everywhere that the theme of my poster. It is why I want specific examples for my poster.

The late Personal Computerworld is the one I was thinking of. (Late? Oh, so that's why I haven't seen it for a while.)

A few places I found that fit what I need.

clean up after your dog-sign
stamped mail-words on USPS drop box
little miss sunshine-movie title
Jackass-movie title
tax return forms

High-frothing hell! I almost forgot one! The licence plate font up here is Helvetica or something extremely alike.

love happens-movie
All govt forms are set in Helvetica

Asking about Helvetica I would have expected millions of responses.

And therein lies the rub. Helvetica is so ubiquitous, one barely if ever notices it.

This is like asking for specific places you can find air on the planet Earth. Among other things, naming six or even twenty is going to be misleading....

I know that its so common and you dont even realize it at times. I was just expecting that people would know one or two that stick out in their mind.

http://mubi.com/notebook/posts/1260 (source)

movie title - Cold Souls
movie title - The Informant!
movie title - Brüno
movie title - Margot at the Wedding
movie title - Julia
movie title - Valentino: The Last Emperor

The Who - album cover

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I saw it one time at a Subway (the fast food) add.

Have you seen the documentary about Helvetica? It shows plenty of uses, on street, logos, sign, magazines...