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CheapProFonts - Newsletter 11-01

Another newsletter and another CheapProFonts newcomer: David Kerkhoff is an up-and-coming type designer specializing in handmade and grungy written scripts - some of which are destined for our usual multilingual treatment.

Please enjoy this bunch of recently released quality fonts - all available at our usual low price of only $10 each! :)

In this news release I present 14 fonts:
- a 6-face family from Jan Paul & Brian Kent
- 2 grunge fonts from Guillaume Séguin
- 2 display fonts from Vic Fieger
- 1 handwriting from Kimberly Geswein
- 1 geometric font from Levente Halmos
- 1 handwriting font from David Kerkhoff
- and a version of DIN Mittelschrift digitized by myself - I have made it primarily because I wanted to have a bit of fun with it by experimenting with giving it some very different expressions far removed from its serious and no-nonsense roots. Watch this space!
(or check out the first variants already released on our website ;)

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