Engraving Workshop

Engraving workshop this Friday. This is a breezy overview of what is contemporary, commercial "engraving".

Friday, March 18 @ 6:00pm
Loyola University New Orleans
Media Room 1
Monroe Library

(This workshop was also recently given at)
Tuesday, March 1 @ 5:00pm
Southeastern Louisiana University)

Each workshop will include:

• what is engraving and why do we love it.
• historic specimens of weird and fantastic engraving.
• contemporary applications for engraving.
• how to prepare art for engraving, and the various kinds of "engraving".
• how to engrave...
• ...or, how to work with an engraver (so you just have to design and leave the engraving to somebody else.)
engraving resources (so, I have this engraving-appropriate type or art. Now, how and to whom do I send it to get it "engraved?").

Students of host university, ATypI, SOTA and AIGA members free; moderate fees may apply for non-members and students of other institutions.


dear wiganwebs,

thank you for your comment. actually, it is as often seen spelled "photoengraving".

according to one of the inventors of the photo-engraving system for print (and, especially) stationery:

"TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE GRAPHIC ARTS . Thirteenth Annual Meeting, June 12-14, 1961
Photo-Engravers Research, Inc., Park Forest, Illinois"

in this highly important trade publication about the PERI-etch system of intaglio etching for commercial printing (on paper), borth spells the subject "photo-engraving" in the title then "photoengraving" in the body of the article.

i would trust that borth knows how to spell the method he pioneered, and of which he published papers in the double digits.

this being written, thank you for the observation. in the engraving blog, i have added all three spellings.

please note: the link you provided was for etching on product surfaces. a like process but not the highly specialized form of etching developed expressly for print (and, in especially, stationery engraving, which is the subject of the engraving blog.)

nice,keep it going!!!

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