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I have been a longtime user of Linotype's Font Explorer X on the Mac. I have bought a new Windows 7 (x64) PC and see that there is no current version of Font Explorer X for Windows. I am looking for a comparable replacement. I would like the software to have the ability to activate/deactivate fonts and some Adobe CS5 integration as I use CS5 a lot in my work. Can anyone make any recommendations?

Also on a side note, How do I transfer my existing font library to Windows, I know there has to be some sort of conversion any help would be great.


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try: Suitecase Fusion

.TTF & .OTF fonts can be used on Windows too.

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Font EULAs frequently do not allow format conversion, but as said above the .TTF and .OTF fonts are cross-platform on modern systems.

FontForge can read nearly all font formats, including some of the strange ones the Mac system fonts come in (I think it requires BinHexing the resource-fork TrueType fonts, I'd have to read through the manual again to be sure) and generate new fonts in other formats. Some special features might get munged in the process, though. Like I said, most font EULAs do not allow this, and many expressly forbid it. Contact the foundry for further information if you're not sure in any particular case.

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I am trying the trial version of Suitcase Fusion 3 and find it has similar properties to Linotype Explorer it also has plugins for Adobe CS just like Linotype Explorer. Does anyone know what the plugins do?

Do they just allow activated font in the Font Manager to appear in the Applications with the plugins installed (ie.- Illsutrator, InDesign)?

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