Perpetua Italic & The Royal Wedding Invitation

One of the most interesting aspects of the Royal Wedding invitation, from a design perspective, is the choice of typeface. The invitation has been set in the Perpetua® Italic typeface – and there are undoubtedly marked reasons behind this selection. Firstly, there is nothing more quintessentially British than a Royal Wedding – and this demands an equally quintessential British typeface. Perpetua Italic fits this bill expertly. It is a timeless design and the first collaboration of two of Britain’s pillars of the typographic arts, Stanley Morison and Eric Gill.

Morison was the typographical advisor to the Monotype Corporation through much of the last century and Eric Gill was one of Britain’s premier typeface designers. Although the Perpetua typeface family was originally made available as machine-set metal type almost 80 years ago, the design is as fresh today as when it was first released.

Perpetua is one of the aristocrats of type: graceful, beautiful, and dignified. A better choice could not be made for the invitation to the upcoming royal wedding. Its epigraphic design foundation, smooth weight transitions, and classic proportions make for a typeface that is both distinctive and easy on the eyes.

The Royal Family has a rich and storied history that abounds with tradition, yet we cannot forget that this is a young couple in their 20s. In many people's eyes, they are the future face of Britain, so it is essential that they represent a balance between tradition and forward thinking. While most wedding invitations are set in a style of script known as English copperplate, the royal couple chose the italic version of a serif typeface. Their choice strikes this balance perfectly.

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