Saucy Script/Handwritten font?

Roll-up Roll-up!

10 Points to anyone how can tell me what this font may be!
Recommend some alternatives!

Thanks for your time typophiles!


I see nothing to indicate it is a font. I don't understand why it has become so common to assume everything in print or online that has lettering must be a font.

Hand done and just search "brush" on Myfonts!

Because Stephen... ignorance is abound :-)

Two words... sterile sans!!!!!! It has taken over to the detriment of words with passion. I look at magazines and they are boring, ultra "sanitary," no personality... and students are being fed Helvetica and all its variants, ad nauseam. Then when they encounter something with an "out of the box" appearance (no matter how bad) they think that it is a font because the do not have the skills to differentiate, or how to engage an artist to do what they need. Or worse yet... they are to cheap to pay for original art to enhance the product!

The font indeed is not that much unique, also it is not that eye catching.

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Yeah yeah… point taken.

I am quite aware that this could be a custom design. However, I'm also aware that there is a trend happening with hand-generated fonts, aka 'Hand-Set' fonts, that do not necessarily end up as full body typefaces (in the traditional sense – with formatting and alternates).

You can see some examples here:

And given that the image was taken from a week-to-week HTML email (which you'd think would be a bit overkill to produce some custom lettering for), I was hoping someone might have come across this.

I have posted with consideration folks.

Of course a lot of respondents with the knee-jerk "not a font" response have been (or should have been) red-faced to find that "hand-drawn" really was a font. Even if it was not, rebuking a poster is not a preferred response.

Even if something was hand-drawn, often there are more than a few fonts that come close to replicating the same feel.

@ Steve

In this instance it is not a font... I knew it and had no problem stating such. I have no problems suggesting an alternative. I just get tired of people going "what is that font" without the slightest bit of knowledge, assuming something like this is a font. I do not accept the premise that if it is in print it must be a font, which is what a lot people assume.

As one who earns his living with calligraphy, lettering, hand drawn etc. forms I figure I don't f*** up that much when calling something like this. If I am not sure, I keep my mouth shut. So do not include me in your witch hunt of erroneous font/non font identifiers with red faces!

Michael, I do not include you with font/non font identifiers with red faces.

I do include you with snotty [Because ignorance is abound :-)] and vile, self-righteous [I don't f*** up that much] responders.

If you feel that you are a victim of a "witch hunt," that was not my intent, so it's all in your mind.

Thanks for proving my point.

Snotty... everybody brings an agenda! Most times it is borne out of a wee bit of knowledge.

Vile and self righteous? I said I don't venture an opinion when I do not know, (not, I venture an opinion, all the time, when I do not know what I am talking about) and then you you call me vile! I do not f*** up because I do not state what I do not know, it does not say I am the smartest person in the field of letters. Name calling is not what I did. Just stating opinions.

Yep, I can be abrasive, but only when it comes to something I care deeply about... letters.

@All About Seb – Thanks! This is near the mark, thanks for your help.

As for the other posters, I deem you took a fair amount of time considering your responses to each others reactive posts. Some advice – consider placing your energy in a more productive direction. Steve and Typerror, your help and expertise is greatly appreciated on this board, just remember that, whether a minority or majority, some people are posting with context.

Cheers for your help!

My point was first that because of the amateurish nature of the lettering and the fact there were no duplicates it is most likely hand lettering. I do realize there are a number of simple free fonts like this available, but these usually don't include enough alternates to do this setting.
Secondly… I'm not trying to come off sounding so pointed towards you particularly. I'm sure you have valid reasons for posting. I've just seen so many postings that do assume everything must be a font. I even had a potential client a short while ago asking about a using my font for her logo like the one in my "hand lettered" design. I actually had to explain a few times that it was in fact not a font. The fact that you also asked for an alternative at least showed you were open to the possibility it wasn't type. I did actually search to find something close, but didn't see anything all that close to the sample. Granted my tone was a bit sour. I don't typically have harsh comments and so I apologize for that.

You might consider asking the folks who send out the weekly HTMLemail about the lettering. I imagine they would let you know if it was a font or handlettering. It's possible they have a custom font.