Trying to match the exact font for use in new 2012 political buttons in this classic style. Note that the
A, M and R are quite distinctive.

Thanks for your interest and time.
Mark Evans



To me looks like a Gotham variation of some sort.

Gotham condensed bold is very, very close but the R isn't right.

Gotham? Seriously?


You know it was created in the year 2000, right?

NOBEL CONDENSED BOLD is also close, but again the R isn't right.

Not to mention the D. Or the R. Or the J. Or the S.

Dude, seriously. I'm not trying to be an asshole here but you're not even close.

LOL. Actually, It's Neutraface

This sounds like a déjà-vu to me. Max Thibeaux II: the Return?

Definately not Neutraface. Keep trying, folks!


I feel I'm being punk'd.

Why don't you try Univers 67 Condensed Bold?
Even if it's not, it's probably the closest you'll get tonight.

Where is the A and the M? Do you have other samples?

I was thinking of Univers Bold Condensed, too. But the R is a little off. Whatever this is it was probably (I could be wrong) some standard font that was often used by printers.

Here is another 1960 sample which shows an A and an M

Keep trying, please. I really appreciate everyone's efforts to find this!

Avon NY

You have already gone through the narrow/condensed cuts of Helvetica?

The Helvetica family is not a match. See the "A"'s.

Might well be one of many helvetica/standard derivates used by printshops that never made it digital... Better bet is to go for something close, and see if you can modify it accordingly. There are so many of these fonts out there, thats it's very hard to find exactly this one. But good luck if you want to keep trying... Try searching MyFonts or Identifont for similar fonts to Helvetica condensed. And remind yourself that this is from the sxties, so you can exlude a lot of younger helveticans.

Any new ideas?

Some of the sans-serifs from Font Bros might be worth a look. Besides, pushing the buttons on their vendomat is just fun.