BusinessWeek fonts

Hi. I am trying to identify all of these fonts for my thesis work (both headers and copy text). The first image is of Bloomberg Businessweek's new fonts. The second two images are the old fonts used in BusinessWeek. Thank you!


As for the older design, I believe the sans is Akzidenz Grotesk. You'll have to provide a larger scan of the body text for help on that score.

For the search engines: Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz of Commercial Type.

Marc is right, it’s hard to tell the text font in the older design from such a lo-res scan, but I’m pretty sure it’s Quiosco.

Oh, and the text face in the current design is Publico Text, also from Commercial Type.

Thank you so much for your responses. Here are higher-res images of the body texts (before and after redesign) - although I think you guys have solved the redesigned type. I had to crop them in order to get them under 3MB for posting purposes.

Your new scans confirm Kent's ID.