kerning issues

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I'm having some specific kerning issues. Has anyone ever had inconsistent kerning show up in Photoshop, TextEdit, & Windows WordPad? Almost all the kerning for a certain font shows up, but there are glaring exceptions (for example, Ke, Ka, Ta, fo). These errors are the same for all three of these programs. The same text in Mac or Windows Illustrator is perfect.

With a different font, I have the same above problem except that the Windows Photoshop works perfectly while my Mac Photoshop does not. I have FontExplorer and have emptied all caches from applications & my system and still get the same problems in Photoshop. I realize most type work is done in Illustrator or InDesign, but it should still work in Photoshop.

Any ideas?

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Not enough information: what format are the fonts, and what versions of the programs are giving you trouble?

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The fonts are OT-PS. I work on Mac OS-X. I'm tested the programs on the Mac side and the Windows side of my cross-platform computer. More?

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Do you have both flat kerning and OT {kern} feature kerning? If so, are both sets equivalent?

I suppose it’s possible that some applications are reading kerning data from one place and other apps from the other. That could explain the discrepancies.

But I couldn’t say for sure. Just a guess. Something to look into.

You might want to post this topic in the Build forum to get the attention of the more technically-savvy folks.

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What program did you use to generate the kerning pairs? What program did you use to generate the font? Did you follow the instructions for properly generating a font using your font software? And if you’re using kerning classes have you examined them for errors?

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