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Personal logo, inspired by Leica and Mighty.

Thoughts would be much appreciated.


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Hi Trevor,

you are doing it twice – TB and Trevor Baum. Why, this weakens?
What does Social Media means – that you have an facebook account or twitter …?
What does design means: Your an engineer, your a graphic designer, your a product designer, an architect etc.? I know that I am provoking …

First of all i would start with "how to describe what i do in a concise way". After that you can think about the visualisation.

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I like that it reminds me of a pilcrow.

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I don't understand how any of "poms" questions are relevant, but I do suspect there's a language barrier involved? I don't think anyone would be so obtuse as to think that "social media" means you participate in social media. Obviously, you build/design/manage social media.

Anyway, I think the mark and the logotype are nice. I might work on the kerning of "SOC" a bit, but otherwise I think it's pretty sharp just the way it is.

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Thanks guys! Helpful stuff. A pilcrow was another inspiration of mine, of course.

The mark with "Social Media & Design" is mostly just to display it in another context, it's not totally final.

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The mark itself is quite nice. You might try the 'Social Media & Design' bit in a different face (or even just small caps) to give a little more contrast between it and your name.

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I agree that the presence of "social media" in the logo looks a bit like all those required keywords people stuff into the resume so that it would pass through HR filters. It basically does not say anything at all, what you do in the domain of social media is completely unclear.

The mark is nice. I would probably want to see the type a bit smaller and heavier, and moved slightly to the right to even out perceived padding on the sides.

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Yep, the mark is good. I would place more dominance of the icon, and make the logotype secondary, in the background even. You may achieve this through size, or rather just less 'design'.

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Thanks guys for all your input! I'm going to try to put up another version with apankrat's advice, making the type a bit smaller and heavier. Like I said, the second logo is just a test - nothing final or anything.

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