Otama e.p.

Hello all,

I'd like to announce the release of the work-in-progress version of my new typeface, Otama. All thoughts and opinions are very much welcome and appreciated.

Free to download from www.timdonaldson.com/otama-ep.zip



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Your 'y' is shy.

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(I'd suggest the Critique section.)

Offhand, the Q tail is odd, the B and R too thick at the curves joint, the e and s too narrow, the f ball too tight to the main stem, g ball too tight to the bowl and its diagonal too steep and thick, the tittles too small, the figure balls too small, 1 too short and the 7 stress backwards.

I really like the k and would like to see that curviness in some other letters (it's there in e), possibly at the bottom of d, h, m, n and u, or even a 'u'ish y?—as things stand at the moment it is one of many display didones, with not a lot of unique personality to call attention to itself.

Also, sounds too much like Bin Laden.

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Thanks for you're feedback Stephen, and the quick analysis Nick — it's hard to get this sort of thing where I am.

Funny you should mention the Osama/Otama link actually. A similar thing happened back in the early 2000s when a rather successful New Zealand band called Shihad were trying to make it big in the States. They were advised that their name was too similar to Jihad, so they changed their name. With the name change, they also lost their soul and turned to absolute rubbish.

Luckily though, when they failed in the states and came back home, they changed their name back and are currently going better than ever.

Anyway, I couldn't seem to put my finger on the word, but there is a definite shyness that flows through the design when compared with something like Linotype's Didot — which I see as having a very strong graphic execution and character. To me, Otama heads more down the lineage of H&FJ's Didot.

I really like the flamboyant k too, but I've been looking at it (along with the g) as the character that is working the least from this quiet and shy perspective. Especially at subheading sizes from 14-24pt. It may be a stretch, but I'd like to try suggest that Otama has been influenced a lot by the philosophy and uniformity of grotesques like Helvetica and Gotham. Though shy is perhaps a more fitting and humane adjective than uniform.

Thanks again for giving me some things to think about.

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Excuse that ''you're" in the first sentence!

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Your lowercase k is delightful.

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Wow Tim, this is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you!

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