Looking for this Garamond Ital like font

I need help with this font, please see attached.

Thank you!


This seems like a very atypical serif italic, and certainly not like Garamond in my opinion.
The serifs are very small on the caps. The G has a rather high chin. It seems to be more like a display font, than a text font, to me.

I keep thinking this is an old film type, but I haven't been able to locate it in my books.

Can you tell us anything about the age and origin of this sample?

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help. I realize it was not totally Garamond, but the "h" was a hint of Garamond Ital like. I scanned these from a recent fashion magazine which I couldn't get the name of the publication.



I found the font: Pialat created by CommercialType.com. Recently designed for T magazine (NYTimes).

sal sabaj