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Mystery Letters in Linotype Audio Pi LT Std

Hi All,

While browsing through some wingdings today I ran across the following three letters. Each is stored as it's own glyph in the font file (Linotype Audio Pi LT Std). I think they're gorgeous, all the subtle detail on the serif. I wish I knew what it was!

My first guess was maybe an old icon for Dolby Noise Reduction (DNR) but none that I found seemed to match these characters.

Anybody know what these are for ?

Anybody know who designed them ?

Are these glyphs part of a complete typeface somewhere ?

Any info much appreciated!


Well, I can't help you with your other questions, but the characters are from ITC American Typewriter, also by Linotype. Or almost, at least - the serifs do look a bit flatter...

Thanks Birdseeding! That definitely answers the most important question.

Anybody for the extra-credit questions ?


I don’t know which glyphs you mean (don’t see any), but if you are talking about the NDR, it was the old logo from Norddeutscher Rundfunk, the logo with the walrus.

Rainer is correct - it was exactly these three letters, in the slightly modified American Typewriter:


DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

Thanks Renko! Mystery solved.

I'm not sure why the attachment got removed, but I'll add it here again for the sake of completeness.

As Eyehawk pointed out on the MyFont forum the N glyph has apparently been cut on the baseline from the original American Typewriter typeface and some additional stroke weight has been added.

From Audio Pi LT:

From American Standard Typewriter: