Vectors of Herb Lubalin Logos

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I am working on a project pertaining to the work of Herb Lubalin and for one aspect I need vectors of a few of his logos. I've searched various online logo "databases" (brands of the world, etc.) but I can't seem to find anything.
Does anybody have (or know where to get) such vectors?

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I doubt such things exist, for logos that weren't used after 1988.
You may have to acquire original documents and scan them, if you want high res.
Hurry, you have 2 1/2 hours left:<<<

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Like Nick said, vectors probably don't exist. You'll need to find non-vector images online or make scans.

You could also check with the reference department at your local library. They may be be able to obtain a book of his logos (like the one below) via interlibrary loan.

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Why do we call vector based file formats 'vectors'?

We don't call raster based file formats 'rasters', do we?

Sorry for derailing the thread. Not sure why that irks me so.

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aluminum, I think it's because a vector is actually a mathematical path, and we tend to think of a path itself as a noun. A path == a vector.

Most people don't think of "raster" as a noun -- I bet most Adobe users immediately think of 'rasterize' as a verb. The resulting pixel is a noun, but pixels are expressed simply as "image" or "picture". Calling an image a 'vector' sets it apart from pixels. If there was a 'vectorize' command in Adobe products, using 'vector' as a noun might never have caught on.

Nonetheless, your irk is completely understandable. I get irked every time I hear people use the word "ironic" improperly.

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Isn't that something to do with ferrites?

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In my field (GIS) we DO call images "rasters."

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Ha! Again, sorry for the derail, but these are interesting answers!

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Why do we call vector based file formats 'vectors'?

Same reason we call "automobiles" "autos" and "telephones" "phones". The examples are endless.

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