Modern Sans Serif

These are scans from a tri-fold brochure. I was trying to identify this typeface but cant find a match.
I tried My Fonts and Identifont. Closest thing was Din, but there's a lot of differences.
The G,C & O definitely do not match. Please help.

Oh, also the left of the B got cut off a little, it's the same width as the I.



I know this 'C'. I remember specifically trying to forget it. I guess it worked.

It might be Convection.

Yep! Thank you, Akira. I thought it was something by Ascender but couldn't find it on their retail site because this is for Xbox only.

Hey Akira and Stephen,

That is it. Thank you for the help. I knew it looked familiar but couldn't pin point it. (I'm an Xbox 360 fan)