Initial ain & hah. Stroke question.

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I would like to face down the initial stroke of letters ain and hah. I know usually it's directed upwards or at least horizontal, but my design needs an exception here. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

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Everything is acceptable as long as it is still Ain and Hah i.e. just draw it and ask people, if they recognise it then it is good.

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The initial stroke of ain is a shrimp looking right and
the initial hah is (the head of) a seahorse looking left?!

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Sorry for the flip of the tongue; I meant the baseline stroke. I would like to try directing it downwards (slightly below the baseline) - I plan to reshape the typical diagonal ramp of the words into something more sinusoidal. This works with initial Seen, Meem, Hah etc. But with the Ain and Hah I am afraid of the Meem ligature effect.

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A sketch might help.

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That is a primitive sketch. At this moment I am interested in obtaining basic directions, before I move on to the stage of searching for letter directions and design details. (So eg. Ain is still open because I cannot draw a satisfactory "shrimp" stroke at this stage).

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