Handwritten, artistic & reasonably legible?

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I am designing a brand for a company that does technical, scientific analysis of artistic and creative things, and therefore I am trying to pair an industrial, geometric sans (DIN, Geogrotesque, or similar) with a hand-written script. I like stuff in the realm of Da Vinci's handwriting with a little "roughness" but it is important that it isn't difficult to read.

No formal scripts.

Something like Californya is in the right neighbourhood.


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Dear Sarah is a great handwritten typeface, and much readable. I used it in a book, for titling, with, I think, interesting results. Don't know if it fits your needs but I strongly suggest it.


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Something from 3island press, perhaps?

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A lot depend on the size you intend to use the font, and the amount of copy.
Many handwriting fonts have a tiny x-height.

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