Trade Gothic vs. Garamond vs. Baskerville vs. Trade Gothic

Hi this is my first post

Im a visual Communication Student based in Dublin, Ireland. Currently working on an album for an Irish band SACCADE. Having trouble trying to convince the band to use my choice of type for the front cover (Trade Gothic|Baskerville). I love the arrangement and contrast of the two fonts and I see so much potential for the two typefaces when it comes to composition and layout of the booklet(lyics/thanks yous/personnel).

Can anyone give me an honest opinion on what they prefer and why between these different arrangements, I wanna use the bands name in Trade Gothic/ & album title in italicised Garamond. The band want to use a straightforward Trade Gothic|Trade Gothic. I think it looks bland and dead and im sorry I gave this choice at all.

They have their hearts set on the purely Trade Gothic 'logotype' and i really do not wanna use it.

Please give honest opinions what you think, its good/bad or complete rubbish! Anything will be of help.

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I meant to say, i want to use the TRADE GOTHIC|baskerville combination :)

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Not knowing the kind of music the band does, makes more difficult giving appropriate advice.
I think Baskerville plays along better than Garamond in this case.
But, have you tried to get rid of the “|”?

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Agree with Riccardo. Drop the vertical bar. It doesn't work with an italic 'f'. Your spacing is also too tight (unless the type is bigger — but I assume this is a CD not vinyl).

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The uppercase vs lowercase vertical alignment might work better if the lc is centered on the uc. Normally small caps or even x-caps would make more sense with lowercase, but then you'd loose the narrow Trade Gothic appearence.

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