What is this lined font?

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Anyone knows what is this font? Thanks!!!

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Makes me thinking to Cyclone. May be simply modified (not so hard to reproduce...)

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The two 'Y's are different - the one on the right has a cap on one end.

- Lex

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Great!!! Cyclone will do for what I need!

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Is there a similar one to cyclone that's not $129?

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Please don't recommend cheap imitations.


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just buy one weight/style

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This inline style is not hard to reproduce using Illustrator or Corel Draw. Spotting a condensed unicase gothic, you'd just have to set main color to transparent and add one to stroke. Then, vectorize text and remove all finial strokes to recreate this exact style ("gas-pipe").
You can also have a look to some tags at MyFonts: Inline, Lined, Outline, Inline Sans, Inline Gothic Unicase, Neon, ...
Some suggestions: Enamel Inline (not unicase), Droid (free, unicase, not inline but easy to reproduce), Metropolis, Los Alamos (unicase, inline), Industria Inline, Market Street Neon, Press Gothic Biform, Wagner Grotesk, Inline Lettering, DS Narrow, Buenos Aires, Rock-It (already roughened, just need to be "inlined"), FF Softsoul Light, Gala, Phoenix...

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@Ryuk. Great inline suggestions, and I'll try "reproducing" a few. Many thanks.

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