a Good match for Klavika


I've done some research but not sure if I'm choosing the right aesthetic choice. Being a student Graphic Artist for some time now, yet I still have much to learn.

My question, I'm designing a film-magazine cover, contents, and several spreads for my portfolio to graduate from school this year. Moreover, I have selected Mr. Olson's Klavika typeface for call-outs, headlines etc, but I;m not sure what serif face I use for body copy that will compliment Klavika. As of this moment I'm using Caslon 240 I believe.

Are there any suggestions that I may consider?


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Thanks, I missed those posts when doing my search. I will look at the suggestions offered in both those threads. I have Museo, but I think the letter forms are two perfectly balanced in geometric sense to go with Klavika as body copy.

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