The Brander

The Brander: The new online magazine portrays brands and their creators

Who is the person behind successful brands? Starting March 10 on, stories will appear about people who have created brands with a lot of zeal and run them successfully – sometimes even turning into a brand themselves. An online magazine launched by Zurich branding agency Branders.

The Brander provides insights into worlds that are not accessible to everyone. Insights into the world of small, large, well-known, as yet unknown, local and international brands. To this end The Brander provides in-depth articles, high-quality photographs and footage, as well as large photo galleries to highlight the people and the stories behind the brand. Because good brands tell a story.

To begin with the Brander will feature brands from Milan, Naples, Paris, New York, Zurich and Taipei. From Giorgio Deluca of the famous New York brand Dean & Deluca, Antonio de Matteis, CEO of the luxury brand Kiton in Naples to star restaurateur Michel Péclard in Zurich. Contributing authors from renowned media write about brands and their creators in columns and detailed articles.

Thanks to the latest social media techniques along with an iPad application The Brander provides easy and comfortable reading. The concept as an online magazine allows news and stories to be added on to continuously. And over time this will result in an encyclopedia about brands of our time and their creators. A visual diary about the people whose brands make an impact on our world.

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