When Changing fonts from Mac to Windows, What is the Best Format?

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I am transferring my Fonts from my Mac to my PC and there are some formats that can't be read on the PC. I am using a program called TransType (version 3) to change the font for use with Windows. I wanted to know what is the best format to change the font files to? The options I have are:

-Win Truetype/Opentype TT
-Win Type 1
-OpenType PS

I am not sure what to change the font to at the moment I'm using the Opentype PS setting, As I know Opentype is multi Platform. I would be primarily using these fonts with Adobe CS5 programs.

I use type a lot in my work but am quite naive to the formats and there pro and cons any help would be great.

I have just started using Suitcase Fusion 3 (trial on Windows) as my Font Manager.[I am open to suggestion on a better font manager for Windows 7]

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The only kinds of fonts you might need to convert would be the old-school Mac suitcase format (which may contain either TrueType or PostScript outlines) or (less likely) the dfont TrueType format. In TransType, Mac TrueType format fonts have an icon with a blue capital 'A,' while Postscript format fonts have a red lowercase 'a.' To preserve the integrity of the outlines, you'd want to convert Mac TrueType to Win TrueType. With PostScript, might as well go with OpenType PS, since it preserves the outlines and Type 1 fonts aren't supported by the newer WPF rendering system.

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Thanks Gargoyle, Yes these fonts are in the old Mac Suitcase format. Thanks for the heads up. Most are in Postscipt format so I'll change them to the OpenType PS format.

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A tip: Suitcases with more than one screenfont (the bitmap, in other words) in them, may cause errors in the conversion process. Clean m up.

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