Old Typewriter Font ID requests



Thanks in advance!


Sample #2: 1942 Report looks thinner but the imperfections in some letters (B, E, I, M and S) appear to be identical. They might have added a stroke to give it a bolder look.

Those dates are in the future, so that is a negotiable admission ticket for a musical performance.

The first sample is from the poster announcing the return of Big Audio Dynamite and I think the second one is something related to the same tour.


Thanks for 1942 Report.

Also, both samples are from the updated poster.

Any guesses on Sample #1?

Sample #2: 1942 Report looks thinner

There is a bold version:

Riccardo: the “1942 Report” file downloadable at Simply The Best contains only the regular weight. That site shows always bold, italic and italic+bold versions of every typeface, even when only the regular weight is available. The extra weights shown are just fake à la Microsoft Word.

Ops. ;-)