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Art Deco sign

Hi people. Any ideas for a good match for this sign?


No, sorry. But it looks like the child of Insignia and Arcadia.

(Off-topic: Could you add a picture of this sign to our collection of Fancy Diacritics on Flickr, please?)

Your sequencing is wrong Florian. The Brody designs are Art Deco derivatives to some extent.
As for the whole "is æøå diacritical characters" question…

If anything the image has an Amsterdam Style (the architectonic style) vibe.

The Brody designs are Art Deco derivatives to some extent.

I’m my own grandpa

I do pencil and ink drawings of lettering like this but I don't imagine that's much help.

Some fonts a little bit like it:

Cyklop Regular. There's also an italic of this Polish font which is based on a 1920s Polish typeface.

From Ryoichi Tsunekawa's Prop-A-Ganda fonts: PAG Karogs, PAG Etiketa and probably a few others.

Richard Keijzer has some Amsterdam School fonts, but something about the look of his website has never prompted me to look into these properly.

ITC Juanita.

Maybe Koloss or similar could work for you:

Thank you Justin and … ahem, Kermit.