Times Blackletter ID

After heavy google searching, whatthefont.com and searching other type databases including my own. I've yet to find any possible matches or similar Type. This "Times" is a Nameplate for a Newspaper in the Middle East. I was asked to update the Nameplate, However keeping the Traditional "Times" in tact.

So, before I take the time to recreate the type from scratch, I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had an idea of what typeface this was. (No EPS, AI, or any vector format was available. )

Thanks for your help,


Nameplates are almost always custom. I think you could start with a blackletter you think could work and customise it.
Anyway, for a chance to receive some replies, please move the thread to the Type ID Board proper (presently it’s in Type ID Board » Solved IDs » Blackletter).

True, that's where I'm at right now.

Thanks, I thought it was asking me what category to file it under. lol

As said by ricard0, custom work.
/T shares vague similarities with Students Alphabet and /imes with Alte Schwabacher.