Sorting Glyphs messes up glyph order whenever I use my exported font.

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My font was exporting with a weird order so I tried to reorder first using sort glyphs then using index mode.
After saving my encoding, I exported my font and now when I type "A" another symbol comes up. This with every glyph in the font.
Any thoughts on how to fix it?

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Try clearing your font cache.


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I usually switch to INDEX mode, Select ALL, Sort by Unicode, then switch back to CHARMAP Mode. Another thing you should check: Under Font Info > Supported codepages and default character set, make sure that the Microsoft­®­­­ Character Set option DOESN'T say Symbol. Sometimes, FL gets confused and assigns Symbol encoding on its own, which will seriously mess up how characters are displayed in a finished font.

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I think clearing the cache has solved it, thank you, it was driving me insane. Also I turned on glyph reordering to auto under preferences panel. This gives me a warning about the kerning table which I'm curious to know how to export it with the OT kerning and the glyph order ok.


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