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Typefaces used by Jan Tschichold? - various {Erik}

does anyone know what font(s) tschichold used during his new typography phase?

i always assumed futura coz if its geometric qualities, but the eye of the O is a dead give away that it’s not.

any help


Well, he didn’t have all the fonts we enjoy today!

But check out these:


Did you have some specific example of his work in mind? He used a lot of typefaces (including Futura). In “Die Neue Typographie” he used Akzidenz Grotesk and something that looks similar to (but isn’t) Venus.


Tschichold (who in those days called himself Ivan) used whatever the typesetters had. There was some Akzidenz Grotesk around, and there were a few precursors to Futura (which only came out in 1927, two years after Tschichold’s manifest), namely Kristall Grotesk, but also Erbar. If I was at my desk in Berlin, I could pull out the specimen books and be more exact.

At the Bauhaus, the composing room had a lot of Schelter Grotesk, which — btw — was the actual model for Helvetica (or Neue Haas Grotesk, as it was originally called). It looks like a clunky version of Akzidenz, with an anglosaxon style “doubledecker” l/c g. Tschichold used that as well, since Schelter & Giesecke was a foundry from Leipzig, where T. worked and lived. And local printers bought local fonts, wherever they could. Fonts were a bitch to ship in those days…

Christian Schwartz has just about finished designing a new face based on Schelter Grotesk, using some of the specimens from my library. He is calling it FF Bau (the name “Haus” was gone) and it’ll be published by the FontFont library. Look out for it — Tschichold would approve.

> FF Bau — Tschichold would approve.

Then it must be *really* good.  :-)


Looking forward to seeing it.

You can already see some of it at www.orangeitalic.com,
albeit in a small and 72 dpi state.