Looking for a simple, clean Arabic font

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I'm searching for a nice Arabic font to be used in a book aimed at teaching beginners the language.

The stock fonts are all pretty ugly however I've come across some nice ones online. Since this is aimed for beginners new to the language, the font has to be clean, easy to understand and written correctly.

What is important is that the letters be clearly distinguishable and that the positioning of the dots be correct.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Palatino Arabic by N. Chahine, H. Zapf and A. Kobayashi.


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Check KacstOne font (free font, only regular weight, though).

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I have always truly loathed the term “clean” when used to describe typefaces – until now, invariably by people who top-post their E-mail in Arial and bang out everything in MS Word in Times “New” Roman.

Clean. Gag.

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Nassim? See http://rosettatype.com/Nassim It is now used by BBC Arabic which is pretty good precursor of qualities you are probably looking for. Contact us via the contact form if you are interested.

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