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Hello everyone, I'm new here, My name is Adam and I'm from Poland.

I really enjoy watching and working with type while doing internship
in one of fast growing branding studio in Gdańsk.

Meanwhile I'm still working on my personal portfolio and trying to
make logotype for my web alias (not best naming but I like it).
Image of second version is attached, first was based on avant garde,
new one (attached one) is based on gotham.

My main concerns are about light between glyphs and proportions of
"D" merged with "1". I got some concerns also about "E" but my main
problem is "1D" and overall kerning, focus on that.

If there is any typophile so kind to help me with his knowledge and
good eye I would be very thankful for help.


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I think you could keep the 1/D mashup as logo and spell the name simply as wordmark.
Also, you could make the 1 a little bit taller, so that its spur (?) will be visually centered.

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