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HSDA: Annual Design Symposium

HSDA is the first Hekma School of Design and Architecture in the Kingdom, which is under Dar Al-Hekma College. Our programs span a range of disciplines including; Foundation Year, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Interior Design, with more to come.

The HSDA: Annual Design Symposium’s aims are:
1. raising the awareness of the local design communication to the development in the design world
2. creating a platform for communication between the new local design generation and well known designers from different parts of the globe. This platform is also an opportunity for local designers to network with other local designers.
3. developing visual communication standards for the local market

Read The Fine Print - Manifesto

The fine print is fine. It is tiny. It is not always noticeable. It is at the base. It is unavoidable. It is controversial. This fine print often says the opposite of what the larger print says. We as designers sketch, illustrate, arrange and compose the fine print in our designs as well.

The theme of HSDA: Annual Design Symposium – “*Read The Fine Print” is an opportunity to actually practice this. It focuses on the importance of detailing in all fields of design; by carefully, thoughtfully and creativity integrating the details into the design itself. Before signing or agreeing to something, we read through the contract, right? Likewise before the design is presented to the client and/or sent to print or build or execusion, it is important that it is examined to the very last detail. Attention to the details is absolutely necessary in order to avoid any disaster.

The fine details have an immense potential that can determine the success of any piece of work. In fact it is the small print that actually holds a big promise. Always *Read the fine print.

Guest Speakers are:
1. Ahmed Angawi
2. Dr. Aleya Abdul Hadi
3. Hala Abdul Malak
4. Hiroko Machida
5. Miso
6. Mizuhodorotea Machida
7. Mohsen Angawi
8. Naif Al-Mutawa
9. Dr. Sami Angawi
10. Tarek Atrissi
11. Timothy Smits
12. Prof. Vibhavari Jani