Italian Baroque Text Font?

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Italian Baroque Text Font?


I am working on a children's book about Vivaldi (1678 – 1741). I have been looking for a text font that would be consistent with his era, but haven't found much.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

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Following the wane of Jenson, Aldus, Griffo, et al., at the end of the 1500s, I don’t think you find many standout, uniquely Italian types until the rise of Bodoni in the late 1700s.

I believe much Italian printing of the 1600s–early 1700s was more or less following French fashion, using types along the lines of those cut by Granjon and Le Bé.

With that in mind, and if you weren’t hung up on being strictly historical, Matthew Carter’s ITC Galliard is an anthology of Granjon’s style and tends to bring out the proto-Baroque characteristics.

Alternately, Miklós Kis (Hungarian, trained in the Netherlands) cut some types for the Grand Duke of Florence, ca. 1690s. Various Janson typefaces are based on his work. Again, not stereotypically Italian, but not too far off the mark historically (but maybe too far south of Vivaldi).

And again, if you’re not too hung up on authenticity, Cyrus Highsmith’s Zócalo series takes much inspiration from the types of Kis. And, filtered through Highsmith’s unique sensibility, dial up the Baroque quality a notch or two. Could be fun in a children’s book.