Circuit board mono

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Hi Does anyone recognise this typeface?



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Hmm, no one?

Anything similar, looks a little like Simple from Lineto.

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I very much doubt you can find something really similar out of a circuit board engraving machine.
That said, along the same lines you could find, or make, something on

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It's a font that is built into layout applications for printed circuit boards. I was looking for something like this a while ago, found nothing and decided to do my own adaptation:

It's not a completely finished font yet ...

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Generated from the Borland "font" file included with the Eagle PCB layout editor.

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Looks like that one's also not quite finished yet ;)

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True, it is not finished. I instigated it, but did not create the font file. I have a larger assortment of glyphs if you want to adapt them :)

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