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Hi There

I am working on a logo for the communcations company/agency I am working for and for which I wanted your opinion.

Keywords: proud but simple, embrace (close) and atmosphere

My question: which mark do you think works best?

// MARK 1

// MARK 2

// Concept

// Variations on mark 2

The S is the first letter of the name of the company.
And the colors were choosen by feeling. Afterwards I noticed these were red, green and blue as in RGB (different order, though).

Would appreciate your comments.



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Really nice!
I like!

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I like it, nice concept - but the mark seems to be falling towards the left.

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If you need to say “embrace“, #2 is the way to go. However, #1 still has a nice movement and is a little less “already seen”.

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Thank you for your comments so far! Please keep them coming!

@all about seb: What is missing is the name and – perhaps – payoff which give it a base. Then that problem will not rise. Apart from that, I don't experience it the way you do. But will have a look at it.

@riccard0: I know exactly what you mean. I think that is what makes me doubt a bit. Thanks for your 50 cents. ;-)

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It's a nice mark - #2 is definitely better. Although I think your concept analysis is a little lost in the logo. To me, it resembles a ribbon, which I guess usually connotes unity, flow etc.

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Thank you for your comment. You do have a point there!
The logo has already been approved. So I can not make any more changes.
However, one of the pillars of the agency also is involvement.
So in that sense it still stands for me. The concept - however - has been dilluted some what. I agree.

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