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I went back to the er... drawing board with my "Trajic?" post (note the name "Trajic" has been taken by Hrant. H. Papazian already :-S ) and have produced this font. I am currently using the working title "Minque" now for this font.

So, on to the font then.

I have added stroke contrasts and bifurcated (?) the serifs to correct optical problems with the O. The bifurcation gives it a different texture to Trajan, but I'm not really following it any more anyway. 'Twas merely the beginning.

Do you think I could add a lower case, or perhaps have a small caps? small caps would seem to be more in the tradition of the Trajan typeface if I am using it as a "guide".

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The bifurcation seems pretty distracting to me, although I don't think there's a way to do it well (without going to gray).

Your forms are nicely Trajanlike though... except that damn "X" again, eh?! :-)


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double post. My bad.

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Hmm, maybe it'll have to be gray. That might cure the X problem I just can't figure out. But, y'know, as it reaches the point of completion it may be self-defeating, with the grays for this face. It might just be "small trajan, well-hinted".

I wonder if there's a thread devoted to pixel x's anywhere. Or like a website. Hmmph. Theyre a lot easier to do with 1 pixel widths.

Either way I think it may be time for me to get back to conentional type design anyway. At least for a breather from the restrictions of pixels.

Either that or go gray...

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please note that i am no typographical historian. in fact, i'm not even a hack historian. so take my opinion here with a grain of salt: this font looks to me like something i'd see in a knight and princess graphic, or a knight and dragon graphic, or a man in a tunic and green tights...

it has an old english feel to me. it is easy to see the difficulties this direction holds for you, but kudos on making the experiment.

keep going.

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Did you look at Quadratis by Miguel Hern

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Hmm, I did not see that font before now, except for Gardot, of course. I think he does quite well looking at the first list of the alphabet at the link you posted, Raph.

However, I should have guessed that he had done this face in addition to Garadot. Still, good practice and learning for me.

Tyler, hah! You are definitely right about the fantasy thing. Oh well.

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This really belongs under the "Bitmap/Display" category, but I've selected it for the first Typophile Critique Thursday anyway.

I really enjoy what Chris has done here. But I would make the design more Roman-y.

The top serifs on the "E" and the "F" are too distracting, I think.

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it's interesting to me that, at a glance, the design 'feature' you built this font around was the bifurcation. yet, it ends up holding the design back.

this always seems to be way of things. the reasons you have for starting something are rarely the reasons you have for finishing the very same endeavor.

i like the design. i like the 'R' the most and the 'S' the least.

if you don't like the irregular quality of your 'O' and 'Q', then i'd recommend just building different 'O's and 'Q's at different sizes until you find a height the works geometrically for those characters. by that i mean, there is enough space to allow smooth curvature.

then, double back and match the rest of the set to that cap height. it'll be hard to maintain the character of the font exactly, because of the strict nature of the pixel grid. but that's what pixel fonts are all about, right?

the management of curvature imperfections.

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