In praise of Remy Charlip

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In praise of Remy Charlip

The subject of this thread isn't stritcly related to typefaces, but since there are many book design and illustrated books lovers here, I thought it would be the right place for sharing it. In the past days, thanks to an exhibition in Parma, Italy, I have met the wonderful work of Remy Charlip, an American illustrator, coreographer, dancer and much else. I had the chance to see several original editions of his books from the Fifties and Sixties - wonderfully illustrated, printed and crafted books, in the great tradition of Bruno Munari, Leo Lionni and Paul Rand. Charlip's art has been a revelation, and I suggest everyone, particulary American typophiles, to go and look for his work. Besides the emotional content of his books, the "pureness" of his art seems also much related to a great attention in details, as the exhibition showed in the dummies and tests he made for the publishing houses before the books were printed: in one of these instructions, small labels of texts were typed in Century, and when the text had to be set reversed (white on black) Charlip added his instructions on how to make the letters a little stronger, trying to avoid the risk to weaken the strokes. Ok, my English is poor, but I think you got what I mean. A very nice find!