Need help finding this font(s)

I'm looking for the font(s) in the picture below. It's a small photo which I apologize for but it's the only one I could find.


It looks to be 2 different fonts. . . one font used to set the all caps and one for the lower cases in the second half.

I looked through all the serifs and display fonts on fontshop and couldn't come up with anything. The most distinguishable characters are the R, F, E in the word FEATURING. It looks as if the arms have a slight downward curve and the R's leg has an extreme outward curve.

The lowercase type is interesting, no dots on the i's (which the designer could have removed), slight serifs and the descender of the g's have a slight sharp angle.

Anybody have any ideas?


The FEATURING typeface is the same of the rest, just distorted by the curve.
I'm not sure you can find a digital equivalent.
The lowercase's proportions reminds me of Bodega:

That's a font called Classic. Don't know more than this.

Go figure, it was a free font. LOL! I should of suspected. Thanks guys for the help!