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Early Yves Saint Laurent logo... any ideas what this is?

This looks like a font that I've seen so many times but that 't' doesn't really match with anything I know. Would like to use it for a logo I'm designing and that would be perfect.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.



Looks like it's a condensed Didot of some kind (hence the "t" shape). A decent approximation would be something like Ambroise Firmin, though it has a slight dip in the T shape which is easy enough to change if you're doing a logo.

Hey thanks! That's pretty good. The only difference beside the "t" it's probably the serifs that are more rounded here as opposed as the Didot or Ambroise that are flat, but I think it might work. If I can't find the exact font here I think I'll definitely get the Ambroise which is a nice font to have anyway.

Thanks again!