What combines well with Tartine Script Black?

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Hello all,

For an ecommerce webproject, I am in need of a font for body text that combines well with the Tartine Script Black that is used for the type logo.

Currently the website uses Arial, which in a way makes sense, but I am looking for something (web-safe) slightly less boring than that. I have looked around but could not find anything suitable. hence the question here, boiling down to:

What font combines well with Tartine Script Black?

Kind regards,

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You could try a serif.

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Considering the big amount of text that goes on this website, it doesn´t seem to be a good idea setting the body text in serif. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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You’ll have to explain why a serif is not a good idea for long texts!

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My guess: The text must be set ruby to make space for dancing elephants that take ten minutes to download on a link with a ten-megabit bottleneck.

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