Flash baseline shifting on Mac vs PC

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Perhaps this has been addressed but i can't find it.

Same font, OTF (postscript flavor) or TTF doesn't matter. On a mac baselines sit higher in the text box than PC. The flash devs are telling me this is a "known issue" with flash. But I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing in the Font Info panel in Fontlab.

Or, if you'd suggest a workaround that wouldn't suck in a multi-platform team environment. (Ditching flash is not a workaround in this case, sadly)

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You should harmonize the linespacing values in the font:


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Thanks Adam. Unfortunately tried John and Karsten's approaches to no avail.

Turns out it was not the font metrics or a mac/pc problem, but a dynamic text field bug when using shared runtime fonts in flash. Specifically if someone touches the field who does not have the font locally for preview. Nuke the fla and install the font on the offending machine for preview... fixed in the build.


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