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Chubby font ID?

Looks like it is in the realm of Frankfurter Highlight, but not quite. What do you think?


The face in the sample is called Lucifer:

It looks like Pluto Outline which hasn't been officially digitized yet, afaik.

EDIT: Aha, haven’t seen Lucifer while typing …

Well, Renko, the MyFonts forum you linked to links to a (crude) unofficial digitalisation :-)

Yes, Riccardo, I know. But as I understand it, it is legal albeit amateurish.

I thought you were the one having scruples, not linking directly to it and stressing the "official" part! :-)

So, ID solved then. Letraset's Lucifer No.1, a currently un-digitized typeface.

Thank you Riccardo!