The Night Angel Trilogy by Herman Chaneco

A poster series for the action-packed novel "The Night Angel" trilogy by Brent Weeks. The typography was heavily influenced by the characteristics of an assassin.

Graphic Designer: Herman Chaneco
Copywriter: Brent Weeks (Book Author)
Size: 24"x36"

Alaskan's picture

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I bet it's no fun to pack and ship these babies. If they were my designs, I'd be a wreck. ;)

aluminum's picture

It's nice, but after the 3rd time you post, it just becomes SPAM

AdamC's picture

I haven't seen this before, so I don't mind the multiple postings. How did you do that neat 3D effect with "Shadows"? It's really impressive.

thegetupkids88's picture

@Aluminum. I'm new to this forum and the site server had a glitch. I had no intention spamming these photos. This is the first time I posted it online. Thanks for the comment

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@Adam. It was difficult to do. I had to play with the light and find the right combination to make the type readable without making it too abstract or making it to obvious. It took a lot of man hours. Thanks for the comment

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