Copy kerning from lowercase to uppercase and * upper-to-lowercase

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[Fontlab Studio 5] I'm building a font that is small caps, in other words, all the letters are uniform in width. I meticulously kerned the lowercase first, and I'd like to apply to lowercase kerning to the uppercase, which I did using kerning classes, i.e. _kern1: a' A

However, I would also like that same kerning to apply to the Uppercase-to-Uppercase, i.e. the kerning from fa to be the same as FA.

Using the classes, and putting a' A in the same class seems to only apply the kerning to Fa, and not FA.

Any help is appreciated.

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Did you generate the KERN feature? Then COMPILE?

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Yes, I did.
I wonder if it's because KERN is the only feature.
I'll add LIGA and try again.

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