elegant flare serif

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Hi All — Please o please ... any help with this one is much appreciated. I am in love with it for a specific application. Thanks so much.

(Oh, and I have emailed Buero ... waiting on any word from at the moment)


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I have been looking all over and I am starting to think this is custom. I have seen almost no tiny serif with a squared P like this, never mind the odd Y.

- Mike Yanega

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Almost all fonts used at Buero New York are made from scratch by Alles Liebe.

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I think you mean Alex Wiederin. “Alles Liebe” is the name of his 2009 Berlin exhibition. Great video! He mentions a blog at 5:43 which I can only assume is Typophile.

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Thanks Stephen for correcting my mistake. Of course, Alex Wiederin and not "Alles Liebe"...

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Thanks everyone ... I will assume custom for now.

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