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Script font with unusual capital T

I've been searching for this for a couple of days. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


Bummer… Still no idea guys? Have I posted this incorrectly?

It seems you’ve stumped us all! ;-)

(from what is worth, that T seems a little light compared to the rest, almost like it’s from a different typeface)

I recognize everything but the capital T (which IS probably from a different font, I agree)... It looks likes a system font that they have on the school computers at my school. I can't name it, though...

It has a lot in common with Swizzle Script - except the r and s are different.

How old is this? I wonder if those letters could have been alternates in the original Stylescript (SolHess, 1940, Monotype). I can tell you that there were no such alternates in the VGC version.

Your 's' does indeed appear in someone else's (coincidence?) purported sample of Stylescript. See here.

I hadn't considered the possibility that this was a combination of fonts, but that would explain why I've had little luck tracking this down…

Swizzle Script does seem to be the closest match out there.

This is from a piece of certificate art produced by my employer during the mid to late 80's, rumor has it some sort of film based typesetter was used at that point in time.

Thanks for the leads guys, now I have a leaping off point :)