yet another geometric sans (monoish)

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this looks like something they might have put together themselves at casco... any similar suggestions?

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Slightly similar is the monowidth version of Avant Garde. I got this with an old copy of Appleworks. I'm not sure of its current availability.

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thanks, that's actually quite nice, seems to be available too...

i wonder how it works with optical kerning?

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Should be Pottery Twenty by Laurenz Brunner, the creator of Akkurat.
Some loosely similars, (some not monospaced though): Planeta, Underground Pro (using the alternate /a), Twentieth Century, Futura, Geometron, FF OCR-F, LLBrown by Aurèle Sack]], Platform (using some alternates)

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thanks ryuk! too bad it's not available. the same typefaces seem to pop up all the time, planeta etc... really looking forward to the release of llbrown though, i guess it should be out on lineto any day now.

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