Tips on kerning space characters (space bar)?

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Spaces need kerning too. I realize this fact from reading about it but have trouble eyeballing/judging it. In fact if I hadn't read this to alert me to the task, I probably would have forgotten this important step in font design, because I don't see anything overtly wrong in the spaces of my new font, except for about 3 places. When I do a google search, I can't find any help on this subject. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me a few suggestions on what letters usually need kerning between the spaces that follow them, and/or whatever tips they could point me towards or supply me with. Any suggestions at all would help!

Thanks in advance!

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I kern spaces to even out the optical appearance of the space at the midpoint of the letters using the strings “HH HH X HH HH” and “nn nn x nn nn”. Just be careful to not kern away too much space with wide versions of overhanging letters; I've seen text fonts where the space character almost disappears next to F or T.

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Dunwich, I don't get it. If you ever have a moment, please explain your method a little differently. What is this method based on and where did you learn it? BTW I don't do any serif fonts right now, so I'm not concerned with the way serifs affect kerning.

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