My 'readymade' movie posters

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I'd like to present you my newest design project! I love movie posters and for years I've wanted to create my own versions for some of the movies I liked! But as the trend of making personal movie posters on the Internet became pretty big and it felt like almost everyone was doing it, I tried to find a way to still do it in an original way, and make them even more personal. So, the idea was to take some old photos from my family's photo-albums, and then turn them into movie posters by adding the type and making minor changes on the photos.

The hardest part is to finding appropriate photo for a certain movie (or vice versa), so I dig through a lot of photo-albums. :) The project is still ongoing, and I'll update this topic as more work gets done. Here's the four posters I made so far:

I would love to hear your comments!

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You have some seriously interesting/amazing family photos! (the posters are nice, too!)

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Just a little nitpick: it’s “le matin”, not “la matin” :-)

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I corrected the mistake... Thanks! :)

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