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Announce: Slow Print Letterpress partners with Matthew Butterick's "typographyforlawyers.com"

We're very happy to announce that Slow Print and Typography for Lawyers have entered into a co-marketing agreement. The new "TFL Print Shop" (http://tflprintshop.com) will offer Matthew Butterick's typographic templates and Slow Print will provide typographic arrangement and letterpress imprinting.

Matthew Butterick is the author of the best selling "Typography for Lawyers" (Jones McClure Publishers) and the typographyforlawyers.com blog. He received his undergrad degree in art (focusing on graphic design and letterpress printing ) at Harvard, and was a type designer at Font Bureau in Boston. Eventually, he went into the web design industry, building a successful San Francisco based firm before going back to get his law degree. He's also the designer of FB Alix which is currently being advertised on this very site ;-)

Slow Print Letterpress Studio will also provide custom work through the "TFL Custom Shop".

Please see the full press release here: http://slowprint.com/press-room/press-releases/