Feedback Please. Anything glaring?

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Hey everyone. This is technically my second font, but I'm a newbie by all means.

This is a rough look at what I'm working and I would love some basic feedback especially for any pitfalls that I should avoid now and in the future.


I realize that the spacing isn't perfect yet. also if the image is too small to critique let me know and I'll post a better sample.

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/C/G/O/ are too perfectly elliptical that they are actually distracting.

/S/ has the problems where both curves meet - in the middle.

Some letters are based on ellipses others on circles, which makes letters look like they re from two different families.

Lowercase it too tight spaced. Word spacing with this letter spacing is way too wide. Some letters are too wide compared to others (ie. /V/).

Put /R/ and /K/ side by side. Do they look they're from the same family? I guess not.

But keep on doing it. With several adjustments it may become a nice display type. I'm not so sure that this can be body type at all. At least not using these shapes and this kind of spacing.

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Yeah I'm not really sure what it can be either...I've sort of just stumbled into this and realized how much I love it. I just need to get better at identifying certain things.

For some reason the /S/ has given me problems whenever I try to smooth out the middle curve, I guess I need more practice.

You also confirmed my suspicion that the widths of certain letters were not right comparatively...sometimes it gets so hard to tell when you stare at the same thing for too many hours.

I did try to narrow the stroke width on the top/bottom of /C/G/O/ but it's hard to tell. I don't like the G at all anyway, but wanted initial feedback so thank you.

Stylistically maybe you can answer this question for me. I have a small affinity for the way the T is very narrow and others are wider which is why I posted as is, but in this case is it trying to be two different things? In other words I can vary widths to create a less formal display type that is fun/loose but just not when using such geometric shapes?

I will nail down my style, workflow, & chops soon enough. Thanks again

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Just a short answer to your affinity. There's nothing wrong in having character shapes with different widths as long as they complement each other...

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