Sans to complement Austin (Shwartzco)

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Hi Guys,
My eyes are bleeding from looking at typefaces all day.

I am developing a brand that is focused on the purity of a product, and the approach is to use a stripped-back typeface as a core word mark.

To support the stripped back sans I was hoping to use Austin as it's emotive qualities will work well to create dynamic packaging and create a visual language for the brand.

I love the depth of the Foundry Grotesk family. I also have a picture in my mind of the word mark being similar to Trade gothic Bold Cond No.20 (all CAPS).

Any ideas?

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Trade Gothic is always great. Also look at H&FJ's Knockout, Tungsten, and Champion.

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Graphic (narrow version, in the works if I don't remember wrong)?

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or there's Giorgio sans if you want to stick with Schwartz —

also, Heroic Condensed —

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